Are you ready to transform the way your organisation works?

Over the next 2 years, inTension will accompany 4 or 5 nonprofit organisations and donors in developing their own exciting, innovative and effective ways of working which allow them to rise to a new level of performance in reaching their goals.

Supported by a network of cutting-edge consultants, forward-thinking donors, and nonprofits who are exploring new ways of working, we will work with you, as a donors, the nonprofits you support and the whole system you are part of to make this happen.

We are therefore calling out to 2-3 pioneering donors who are ready to take this leap, to transform themselves and the results they achieve. Does this resonate with you? Then…

Take the leap!

Why inTension?

Because, in our experience, there is always tension between:

caring for others

caring for ourselves

acting form a mindset of

command & control

acting by

sensing & responding

to the signals from ourselves and our environment

relying on

intuitive wisdom


rational knowledge

of the world

being fully aware of our

present reality

striving for our

vision of the future


from a place of fear & scarcity


from a place of abundance and purpose

allowing healthy, exciting


fostering true


What do we stand for?

We are fully committed to a life in balance between these tensions and to supporting organisations to lead the way towards a fully balanced life on this planet. We understand organizational development as a continual process of learning, which is why we prefer to accompany partners with long-term support.

How do we work with you?

We co-create with you and your organisation the best strategies and methods to ensure you achieve your goals. We support you in developing your strategic planning, leadership, team-building, mindfulness, fundraising, project cycle management, monitoring evaluation and learning, self-evaluation and

We balance the development of your technical skills with the
strengthening of the deeper human skills required to make organizations sustainable, effective and healthy places to work. We explore together
the entire system within which you work, how it impacts you and how
you can impact it.

We do this using an integral approach which blends the latest theories with our decades of experience.

We support you through coaching, trainings, facilitation, workshops and technical support.

Are you ready to lead the transformation and find balance with intention?

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Who are we?

Mike Romig

I grew up in peaceful Switzerland. My British mother brought up 4 kids and started her own thriving Montessori school, and my US father worked for 32 years at the UN, developing and promoting energy efficiency in Europe. My education at the International School of Geneva, then SOAS in London, and then online for an MBA with the Open University, my travel throughout the world and living in Geneva, Cairo and now Berlin, brought me both a deep awareness of the immense privilege and opportunities I have, which most do not. It also made very clear the responsibility I have to change this: that everyone have the level of opportunity I have, without any discrimination.

It is from here that emerged my purpose, as I see it today: ensure that we all live out our full potential and together develop fully sustainable ways of living. I’ve been doing this through working in and with human rights and peacebuilding organisations for the past decade, supporting their organisational development with trainings, strategy development, coaching, mentoring and workshops. I also embody this purpose through the way I live my life on an everyday basis.

What motivates Mike?

Pablo Escorcia

I’m a Berlin based entrepreneur, Biodanza teacher, Yogui, coach and consultant. My life has been a journey of searching for my own path by integrating the practical world of business and the integral world of yoga and dance. My goal in life is to lead processes of enhancing human consciousness from gratitude and love to help create a better world.

I have over 15 years’ experience as an organizational consultant, coach and trainer. I have worked designing, facilitating, consulting and implementing more than 200 different organizations reaching more than 4000 people. As a senior consultant I have worked with a wide range of clients that include private companies, public institutions, international NGOs and educational institutions. With extensive experience in the design and implementation of programs focused on strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation of humanitarian assistance, leadership, communication, teamwork and creativity, I have been able to support my clients’ organizational development from a holistic perspective.

What does Pablo believe?